English Meaning of jaẏa

Meaning of 'jaẏa' (জয়)

n act of defeating or conquering; victory, triumph, win, conquest; ova tion, applause (জয়ধ্বনি). ☐ int. victory (জয় ভগবান). জয় করা v. to win; to de feat; to conquer; to succeed. জয় হওয়া v. to be won or conquered; to be crowned with victory or success (তোমার জয় হবে). ̃গান n. a song of praise; singing in praise. ̃জয়কার n. (popular) praise of a victorious person; huzza; (loos.) great or repeated victory. জয়জয়কার করা v. to receive with an ova tion, to huzza; জয়জয়কার হওয়া v. to be received with an ovation, to be ac claimed. ̃জয়ন্তী n. an Indian musical mode. ̃ঢাক n. a war-drum. ̃তু v. be victorious, let victory attend you (জয়তু শিবাজি); glory be. ̃দুর্গা n. a manifesta tion of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). ̃ধ্বনি n. peals of victory; noise of ovation with which a triumphant or famous person is received, huzza. জয়ধ্বনি করা v. to re ceive with an ovation, to huzza. ̃ধ্বজ, ̃পতাকা n. a flag or standard of victory or triumph. ̃পত্র n. a written certifi cate or declaration of success or tri umph. ̃পরাজয় n. victory and defeat; success and failure. ̃ভেরি n. a war drum. ̃মাল্য n. a wreath or laurel of victory. ̃যুক্ত a. victorious, trium phant; successful. ̃লক্ষ্মী same as ̃শ্রী । ̃লাভ n. attainment of victory. ̃লেখ same as ̃পত্র । জয়শঙ্খ n. a conch that is blown by a person to announce his or her victory. ̃শ্রী n. the presiding goddess of victory. ̃সাধ্য a. conquerable, vincible. ̃স্তম্ভ n. a pillar or monument of victory.

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