English Meaning of upari2

Meaning of 'upari2' (উপরি2)

a (used as a pfx.) extra, irregular, additional, super-, sur-, by way of ille gal gratification (উপরি আয়). ☐ n. a perquisite; a tip; a bribe; an illegal or irregular gratification. উপরি আয় n. an extra income; a perquisite; an illegal extra income; a bribe; a tip. উপরি কর n. a surtax. উপরি খরচ, উপরি ব্যয় n. extra expenses; overhead charges. ̃পাওনা same as উপরি আয় । ̃লাভ n. an extra profit or excess profit; an extra in come; a bribe; a tip.

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