English Meaning of saṃyama

Meaning of 'saṃyama' (সংযম)

n regulatedness, discipline; self restraint, continence, temperance, sparingness; (বাকসংযম); restraint, check, curb; (বেগসংযম); subdual, con trol (ইন্দ্রিয়সংযম); demureness, modesty, gentleness, politeness (আচরণে সংযম); fast and other rites observed on the eve of a holy occasion (শিবরাত্রির সংযম্). সংযম করা same as সংযত করা and esp. to observe fast and other rites on the eve of a holy occasion. সংযমন n. regu larization, disciplining; act of restrain ing oneself, act of making oneself con tinent; tempering, moderation; re straining or curbing; subduing or con trolling. সংযমিত a. regulated or disci plined; tempered; prevented or re pulsed; restrained or curbed; subdued or controlled. সংযমী a. practising self control or discipline, continent, self-re strained; temperate, moderate, sparing, reserved; abstemious; demure, modest, gentle.

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