English Meaning of saṃyata

Meaning of 'saṃyata' (সংযত)

a regulated, disciplined; self-re strained, continent; temperate, moder ate, sparing; prevented, repulsed; re strained, checked, curbed; subdued, controlled; demure; modest, gentle (সংযত আচরণ). সংযত করা v. to regulate, to discipline, to restrict; to temper, to moderate; to prevent; to repulse; to re strain, to check, to curb; to subdue, to control. ̃চিত্ত a. one who has con trolled one's mind; one whose mind is tranquil or collected; self-restrained; temperate, abstemious. ̃বাক a. sparing or reserve in speech; reticent. সংযতাহার a. sparing or temperate in food and drink. সংযতেন্দ্রিয় n. one who has sub dued one's passions, continent.

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