English Meaning of tala

Meaning of 'tala' (টলা)

v to waver, to vacillate (মন টলা); to stagger, to totter (পা টলা); to shake, to quake (পৃথিবী টলা); to tumble, to be dislocated or displaced (সিংহাসন টলা, টলে পড়া); to be otherwise; to be re tracted (কথা টলা); to tend to defect (দলের লোক টলা). ☐ n. wavering, vacil lation; stagger, tottering; shake, quake, tumble, dislocation, displacement; change or retraction or non-compli ance; flinching. টলানো v. to cause to waver or vacillate; to cause to stagger or totter; to shake or quake; to cause to tumble, to dislocate or displace; to cause to retract, to cause to go back upon; to cause to flinch or defect.

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