English Meaning of curna

Meaning of 'curna' (চূর্ণ)

n powder, dust; lime; coloured pow der thrown at one another on the holi (হোলি) festival. ☐ a. pulverized, pow dered; broken; fractured (অস্হি চূর্ণ হওয়া); utterly destroyed (আশা চূর্ণ হওয়া.). ̃কার n. a manufacturer of lime (by trade or caste). ̃কুন্তল n. forelock; a ringlet. ̃ন n. pulverization; act of breaking; act of fracturing; utter de struction. ̃নীয় a. pulverizable; break able; frangible; easily fractured; de structible; that which is to be pulver ized or broken or destroyed. ̃বিচূর্ণ a. broken to pieces, broken to smithereens; utterly pulverized; utterly destroyed. চূর্ণিত, চূর্ণীকৃত, চুর্ণীভূত a. pul verized, powdered; broken; fractured; utterly destroyed.

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