English Meaning of khasa

Meaning of 'khasa' (খাস)

a especial, special (খাসদরবার); per sonal, private, own (খাসকামরা); under direct ownership or control of the pro prietor (খাসসম্পত্তি). ̃কামরা n. a private chamber. ̃খামার n. agricultural land not let out to the tenants but cultivated directly by the owner; a demesne, a demain. ̃নবিশ, ̃মুনশি n. a private sec retary; a personal assistant. ̃বরদার n. a mace-bearer. ̃মহল, ̃মহাল, ̃সম্পত্তি n. an estate directly under the landlord; a demesne, a demain. খাসে আনা, খাস করা n. to bring under direct control, to take away from tenancy.

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