English Meaning of khasa

Meaning of 'khasa' (খসা)

v to become detached, to come away (খিল খসা); to come off (দেওয়াল থেকে চুনবালি খসা); to fall off, to be shed (গাছ থেকে পাতা খসা); to become loose (কোমরের কাপড় খসা); to become dishevelled (খোঁপা খসা); to drop off (মালা থেকে ফুল খসা); to get out of po sition accidentally, to slip (হাত থেকে খসে পড়া); to come out, to be uttered (মুখ থেকে কথা খসা); to be spent esp. unnecessarily, to be spent or lost (টাকা খসা); (sarcas.) to die (বুড়ো এবার খসবে); to flee, to escape (চোরটা খসেছে); to depart immediately (অনেক জ্বালিয়েছ, এখন খসে পড়ো). ̃নো v. to de tach, to cause to come away; to cause to come off; to cause to fall off, to shed; to loosen; to dishevel; to cause to drop off; to cause to slip (away or out); to cause to come out, to cause to utter; to cause to be spent or lost.

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