English Meaning of kharba1

Meaning of 'kharba1' (খর্ব1)

a short, not tall (খর্বকায়); reduced, decreased, diminished (তেজ খর্ব হওয়া); thwarted, curved, restrained, foiled (গতি খর্ব করা); lowered, humbled (গর্ব খর্ব হওয়া). খর্ব করা v. to reduce, to de crease, to diminish; to thwart, to curve, to restrain, to foil; to lower, to humble. ̃কায় a. of short stature, short, small, diminutive. ̃তা n. shortness. খর্বাকৃতি same as খর্বকায় । খর্বীকৃত a. reduced, de creased, diminished; thwarted, curved, restrained, foiled; lowered, humbled.

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