English Meaning of kila

Meaning of 'kila' (কিল)

n a fist; a blow with the fist esp. with the side of the fist, কিল খেয়ে কিল চুরি করা to take a beating or insult si lently and without retaliation, to en dure humiliation or affront without protest, to pocket an insult. কিল মারা v. to strike with the fist, to fist. কিলাকিলি n. fighting with fists; fisticuffs, blows and counterblows. কিলানো same as কিল মারা । কিলিয়ে কাঁঠাল পাকানো to make a futile attempt at correcting or subduing a person by overmuch beating or chastisement; to spoil a person or hinder his natural development by excessive interference; to try to do the impossible by injudicious or rash means. কিল মারার গোঁসাই an over-asser tive person or master who has no competence to maintain his depen dents.

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