English Meaning of kirana

Meaning of 'kirana' (কিরণ)

n a ray or beam or gleam (of light). কিরণ দেওয়া v. to emit rays, to send forth rays; to radiate, to shine. ̃চ্ছটা n. the glow of rays. ̃জাল n. the mesh of rays. ̃পাত, ̃বর্ষণ n. shedding of rays, radiation. ̃পাত করা, ̃বর্ষণ করা v. to shed or emit rays, to radiate. কিরণ বিকিরণ n. radiation. কিরণ বিকিরণ করা v. to radiate. ̃ময়, (inc.) কিরণ্ময় a. full of rays, emitting rays, radiant. fem. কিরণময়ী,, (inc.) কিরণ্ময়ী । ̃মালী n. the sun (for it is garlanded with rays). ̃সম্পাত same as কিরণপাত ।

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