English Meaning of katara

Meaning of 'katara' (কাতর)

a distressed, afflicted; aggrieved, stricken with grief, sorrowful; intent, extremely solicitous (কাতর প্রাণের ডাক); grudging, reluctant (ব্যয়কাতর, পরিশ্রম করতে কাতর). ̃কণ্ঠ n. a sad voice, a plaintive tone. ☐ a. speaking in a doleful voice. ̃তা n. distress, af fliction; aggrieved state; solicitude; rancour; reluctance. ̃হৃদয় n. an af flicted or aggrieved heart; an ex tremely sensitive or feeling heart. ☐ a. having such a heart. ̃স্বর same as কাতরকণ্ঠ ।

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