English Meaning of katano

Meaning of 'katano' (কাটানো)

v to cause to be cut or hewn or cleft or chopped or carved or mown or lopped or trimmed or pared or ampu tated or incised or operated or dug or sunk or written out or painted or con structed or capped or recited or flowed or done; to refute (যুক্তি কাটানো); to clear up (দোষ কাটানো); to pass or spend (সময় কাটানো); to sell (বাজারে মাল কা়টানো); to get over, to overcome (দুঃখ কাটানো, বিপদ কাটানো). দোষ কাটানো v. to absolve, to exculpate, to exonerate. কাটিয়ে ওঠা v. to get over, to overcome.

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