English Meaning of kagaja

Meaning of 'kagaja' (কাগজ)

n paper; newspaper; records; a document; a promissory bond. কোম্পানির কাগজ stocks, government se curities or bonds. খবরের কাগজ a news paper. স্বচ্ছ কাগজ tracing paper. কাগজে কলমে adv. in writing or in print, in black and white; only theoretically, on paper. ̃চাপা n. a paper-weight. ̃পত্র n. pl. documents, papers. কাগজি a. of pa per; of newspaper; having a papery or very thin covering. ☐ n. a paper-manu facturer; a paper dealer. কাগজি মুদ্রা pa per money. কাগজের মণ্ড paper pulp.

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