English Meaning of karna

Meaning of 'karna' (কর্ণ)

n the ear; (of boats and ships) a helm, a rudder; (of violins etc.) a key; (geom.) a diagonal. ̃কুহর, ̃কূপ n. the ear-hole. ̃কীট n. an earwig. ̃গোচর a. heard; within the range of hearing; au dible. ̃গোচর করা v. to make one hear; to inform; to tell. কর্ণগোচর হওয়া v. to be heard; to come to know; to hear. ̃ধার n. a helmsman, a steersman; a pilot; (fig.) a leader. ̃পট, ̃পটহ n. the ear drum, the tympanum. ̃পাত n. act of listening (to). কর্ণপাত করা v. to listen (to); to pay heed to. ̃বিবর n. the ear hole. ̃বেধ n. act or ceremony of bor ing one's ears (usu. for wearing ear rings). ̃ভূষণ n. any ornament for the ear. ̃মল n. ear-wax. ̃মূল n. root of the ear. ̃মূলস্ফীতি n. inflammation of the auricular glands, mumps. ̃রন্ধ্র n. the ear-hole. ̃শূল n. earache.

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