English Meaning of ashira

Meaning of 'ashira' (অস্হির)

a restless; unsteady; unstable; agi tated; excited; perturbed; impatient; fretting, fretful; uneasy; fickle; frivo lous; changeful; uncertain. ̃চিত্ত, ̃প্রকৃতি, ̃বুদ্ধি, ̃মতি a. fickle-minded; frivolous; batty, barmy; impetuous. ̃চিত্ততা n. fickle-mindedness; restless ness; impatience. ̃তা n. restlessness; unsteadiness; instability; excitement; agitated or perturbed state; impatience; fretting, fretfulness, uneasiness; frivol ity; changefulness; uncertainty. ̃সংকল্প a. irresolute; undecided (in action or purpose). ̃সংকল্পতা n. irresolution; in decision.

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