English Meaning of sati

Meaning of 'sati' (সতী)

n. fem (myth.) Sati, the daughter of Daksha and wife of Shiva (শিব); a wife intently devoted to her husband, a chaste or faithful wife; a widow who burns herself on her husband's pyre, a suttee, a sati. ☐ a. fem. (of a wife) in tently devoted to one's husband, chaste. ̃ত্ব n. intent devotion of a wife to her husband, the chastity or faithfulness of a wife. সতীত্বনাশ n. violation of chastity; rape. সতীত্বনাশ করা v. to rape. সতীত্বরক্ষা করা v. preserve one's chastity. ̃দাহ n. the practice of widows burning them selves on their husbands' pyres, suttee, sati. ̃পনা n. (sarcas.) a show or affecta tion of chastity demonstrated by a wife; (sarcas.) pride of chastity or honesty (usu. false or overdone). ̃লক্ষী n. a very chaste and pleasing wife who brings fortune to her husband. ̃সাধ্বী n. a per fectly chaste wife. ̃সাবিত্রী a. a wife as chaste and devoted as Sabitri (সাবিত্রী).

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