English Meaning of sastha

Meaning of 'sastha' (ষষ্ঠ)

a sixth. ষষ্ঠাংশ n. a sixth part; one sixth. ষষ্ঠী a. fem. of ষষ্ঠn. fem. a fe male deity who protects human babies; (gr.) the sixth case-ending; the sixth day of a lunar fortnight; the sixth day of the lunar fortnight when the cer emony of awakening Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) is held for her annual worship. ষষ্ঠীর কৃপা obtaining a child through the grace of Goddess Sasthi (ষষ্ঠী); the grace of Goddess Sasthi; being blessed with many children. ষষ্ঠীতত্পুরুষ n. (gr.) a system of forming compounds in which the first word actually drops the sixth case-ending. ষষ্ঠীবাটা n. a ceremo nial gift sent to a son-in-law on the eve of জামাইষষ্ঠী (see জামাই). ষষ্ঠীবুড়ি n. God dess Sasthi (ষষ্ঠী).

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