English Meaning of ayatna

Meaning of 'ayatna' (অযত্ন)

n lack of care or effort or attention or interest or cordiality; carelessness; neglect; indifference; slight. অযত্ন করা v. to neglect; to treat with indifference or slight. ̃কৃত a. done without care or effort; done with ease or spontaneity. ̃জাত a. born or grown spontaneously. ̃পালিত, ̃লালিত a. reared in neglect. ̃বিন্যস্ত a. placed indecorously or hap hazardly. ̃রক্ষিত a. kept or maintained in neglect. ̃লব্ধ a. earned or attained without effort. ̃শীল a. effortless; ne glectful. ̃সম্ভূত a. same as ̃জাত । অযত্নে adv. carelessly; negligently.

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