English Meaning of ambu

Meaning of 'ambu' (অম্বু)

n water. ̃জ a. water-born. ☐ n. the lotus; conch. ̃জা n. fem. Goddess Lakshmi. ̃দ a. that which gives or supplies water. ☐ n. the cloud. ̃ধি, ̃নিধি n. the ocean; the sea. ̃বাচি, ̃বাচী n. three consecutive days usually of Ashara (আষাঢ়) for Hindu widows to fast as religious observance. ̃বাহ, ̃বাহী a. that which or one who carries water, water-carrying. ☐ n. the cloud. ̃বিম্ব n. bubble of water.

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