English Meaning of sastra

Meaning of 'sastra' (শস্ত্র)

n a weapon which is to be wielded by the hand and not thrown (e.g. a sword); a weapon; an iron tool for handicrafts; a surgical instrument or knife. ̃চিকিত্সক n. a surgeon. ̃চিকিত্সা n. surgery. ̃জীবী same as শস্ত্রাজীব । ̃ত্যাগ n. act of laying down or relin quishing one's arms. ̃ধর, ̃ধারী, ̃পাণি a. bearing arms, armed. ̃বিদ্যা n. the art and science of using weapons. শস্ত্রাগার n. an armoury; an arsenal. শস্ত্রাজীব a. earning one's livelihood as a professional soldier. ☐ n. a soldier.

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