English Meaning of rekha

Meaning of 'rekha' (রেখা)

n a line; a streak; a stripe; a stria (pl. striae); a furrow; a row; a faint sign, a thin line (গোঁফের রেখা); (phys.) rulings. রেখা টানা v. to draw a line. ̃কার a. linear. ̃গণিত n. geometry. ̃ঙ্কন n. drawing of lines, lineation. ̃ঙ্কিত a. lineate, lineated; striated; striped; fur rowed. ̃চিত্র n. a line-drawing; a rough sketch. রেখাপাত করা v. to draw a line; to make an impression (as on one's mind), to impress.

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