English Meaning of rajya

Meaning of 'rajya' (রাজ্য)

n a state; a kingdom, a realm, a do main, a territory; reign, rule; (fig.)— (in the sense of immensity) a country, the earth, the universe (তার বুকে রাজ্যের ব্যথা). ̃খন্ড. n. a portion of a state or kingdom or country; a state; a king dom, a country. ̃চ্যুত a. dispossessed of or driven from one's kingdom; de throned, deposed. ̃চ্যুত করা v. to de prive of or remove from one's king dom; to dethrone, to depose. ̃চ্যুতি n. dispossession of or removal from one's kingdom; dethronement. ̃পাল n. (in free India) the title of the governor of a state. ̃পালন same as ̃শাসন । ̃ভার n. the burden of governing a state. রাজ্য ভোগ করা v. to enjoy sovereignty. ̃ভ্রংশ same as ̃চ্যুতি । ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as ̃চ্যুত । ̃রক্ষা করা v. to defend or protect a state. ̃লাভ n. getting or acquiring a kingdom or becoming a king; getting the throne. ̃লোভ n. greed for the throne; greed for expansion of one's territory. ̃লোভী a. greedy of the throne; greedy of expanding one's ter ritory. ̃শাসন n. administration of a state or kingdom. ̃শাসন করা v. to gov ern or rule a state or kingdom. ̃সরকার n. a state government (in free India). ̃সীমা n. the boundary or extent of a kingdom. ̃হারা same as ̃চ্যুত । রাজ্যাধিকারী, রাজ্যাধিপতি n. the lord or ruler of a state. রাজ্যাপহরণ করা v. to usurp a throne; to capture or acquire or take possession of another realm or country unlawfully. রাজ্যাপহারক, রাজ্যাপহারী n. & a. one who usurps a throne; one who captures or acquires or takes possession of another's realm or country unlawfully. রাজ্যাভিলাষ n. de sire for a kingdom; ambition to rule; desire for expanding one's territory. রাজ্যাভিলাষী a. desirous of a kingdom; having ambition to rule; desirous of expanding one's territory. রাজ্যাভিষিক্ত করা v. to invest one with kingship, to crown one king, to enthrone. রাজ্যাভিষেক n. coronation of a monarch. রাজ্যেশ্বর n. a king. fem. রাজ্যেশ্বরী a queen.

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