English Meaning of raja2

Meaning of 'raja2' (রাজা2)

n a king, a monarch, a prince; a ruler; (in British India) a government title of honour; (chess) the king; (fig.) a man of a magnificent and towering personality. রাজা করা v. to make one king; (often sarcas.) to make one very wealthy or great. রাজা-উজির n. (lit.) a king and his prime minister; (fig.) very wealthy and influential men. রাজা-উজির মারা v. (fig. & dero.) to tell cock-and-bull stories about one's own capabili ties and importance. রাজাজ্ঞা, রাজাদেশ n. a royal command or decree or man date. রাজাধিকার n. a royal prerogative; a monarch's territory. রাজাধিরাজ n. a king of kings, a suzerain, an emperor. রাজানুকম্পা, রাজানুগ্রহ n. royal favour or grace or mercy; favour or grace or mercy shown by the government. রাজানুচর n. a monarch's servant or fol lower or attendant. রাজান্তঃপুর n. the in ner apartments of a monarch's resi dence; a royal gynaeceum. রাজাবলি n. a genealogical tree of a dynasty. রাজাভরণ n. royal ornament or emblem, regalia. রাজাসন n. royal seat, a throne; (fig.) kingship.

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