English Meaning of rasa

Meaning of 'rasa' (রস)

n savour, flavour, taste; a liquid so lution of anything hard (চিনির রস); a syrup; juice; exudation (খেজুররস); morbid exudation (ঘায়ের রস); sap (রসহীন কাঠ); essence (অন্ন রস); lymph or mucus or phlegm (দেহে রসাধিক্য); se men; (poet.) strong attachment or love; (rhet.) sentiment expressed or flavour contained in a writing (শৃঙ্গার রস); (Vaishnavism) a way of worship (বাত্সল্যরস); inner or true significance, purport (কাব্যরস); charm; interest; sense of humour (লোকটি রসহীন); fun, banter, wit and humour; delight, hilar ity, enjoyment, pleasure (রসে মাতা); (sl.) vanity or audacity; monetary re sources, money; quicksilver, mercury. রস করা v. to make fun (of); to banter; to make a liquid solution of. রস নামা v. to become swollen with drospy. রস পাওয়া v. to find interest in. রস ফুরানো v. to run out of funds. রস হওয়া v. to be come juicy; (sl.) to become vain or au dacious. ̃করা n. a sweet and juicy drop made of the kernel of coconut. ̃কর্পুর n. mercury perchloride. ̃কলি n. a streak of mud painted on the bridge of the nose by a Vaishnava. ̃কস, ̃কষ n. charm and sweetness. ̃কসহীন a. dry and outspoken (রসকসহীন কথাবার্তা); bald (রসকসহীন রচনা). ̃গর্ভ same as রসাত্মক । ̃গোল্লা n. a sweet and juicy drop made of posset and farina. ̃গ্রহণ n. appreciation. রসগ্রহণ করা v. to taste; (rhet.) to appreciate the flavour of. ̃গ্রাহী a. capable of appreciation, ap preciative; receptive. ̃ঘন n. (rhet.) flavoury; full of concentrated flavour. ̃জ্ঞ a. appreciative of the inner or true significance, capable of appreciation; well-versed in, having connoisseurship in, au fait. fem. ̃জ্ঞা । রসজ্ঞ ব্যক্তি one ca pable of appreciation; a connoisseur. ̃জ্ঞান n. capability of appreciation; sense of humour. ̃পূর্ণ a. juicy, succu lent; sapful, sappy; full of wit and humour. ̃বড়া n. a sweet and juicy drop made of pulped pigeon-pea. ̃বতী a. fem. full of wit and humour, intelli gent and witty. ̃বাত n. rheumatic affection in the joints attended with swelling. ̃বেত্তা same as ̃জ্ঞ । ̃বোধ same as ̃জ্ঞান । ̃ভঙ্গ n. interruption of a spicy topic; interruption of enjoyment (usu. by coarseness). ̃ময় a. juicy; full of wit and humour; full of flavour. fem. ̃ময়ী । ̃রচনা n. witty or humorous writ ing. ̃রাজ n. the most witty and humor ous man; Krishna (কৃষ্ণ); stibnite; anti mony; quicksilver, mercury. ̃শালা n. a chemical laboratory or workshop. ̃শাস্ত্র n. poetics. ̃সিন্দূর n. cinnabar. ̃স্হ a. stricken with excess of phlegm or lymph or mucus. ̃স্ফীত a. (bot.) tur gid. ̃স্ফীতি n. (bot.) turgidity, turges cence. ̃স্রাব n. (bot.) exudation. ̃হীন a. sapless; dry; dull; uninteresting.

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