English Meaning of rana

Meaning of 'rana' (রণ)

n a war, a battle, a fight, a combat; a noise, a sound. ̃কামী a. desiring to fight; belligerent; militant. ̃কুঠার n. a battle-axe. ̃কুশল, ̃কৌশল, ̃ক্ষেত্র same as যুদ্ধকুশল, যুদ্ধকৌশল and যুদ্ধক্ষেত্র respectively. ̃চন্ডী see চন্ডী । ̃চাতুর্য n. planning and skilful movement of troops in a battle, efficient manoevring of army etc. ̃জয়, ̃জয়ী same as যুদ্ধজয় and যুদ্ধজয়ী respectively. ̃জিত্ a. ever victorious in battles. ̃ঢক্কা same as ̃ভেরী । ̃তরি same as যুদ্ধজাহাজ । ̃ন n. act of making sounds; twanging (as of a bow); tingling (as of a stringed in strument). ̃নাদ n. a war cry. ̃নিপুণ same as যুদ্ধকুশল । ̃নীতি n. the art of planning an operation in war, war strategy or tactics. ̃নৃত্য n. a war dance. ̃নৈপুণ্য n. skill in war or war fare or fighting. ̃পান্ডিত্য same as ̃নৈপুণ্য । ̃পোত same as ̃তরি । ̃প্রিয় a. fond of fighting or war; belligerent. ̃বাদ্য n. war-music; military band. ̃বেশ n. fighting attire; military dress; (fig.) belligerent approach. ̃ভূমি n. a battlefield. ̃ভেরী n. a war-drum, a kettledrum. ̃মত্ত same as যুদ্ধন্মত্ত । ̃যাত্রা same as যুদ্ধযাত্রা । ̃রঙ্গিণী a. fem. taking delight in fighting ☐ n. fem. a woman fond of war or fighting. ̃রণ, ̃রণি n. a twang (as of a bow); a tin gling sound (as of a stringed instru ment). রণরণ করা v. to twang; to tingle. ̃সজ্জা, ̃সাজ same as যুদ্ধসজ্জা । ̃স্হল, রণাঙ্গন n. a battlefield. ̃হুঙ্কার n. war cry, battle cry. রণিত a. sounded; re sounded; twanged; tingled, tingling. রণিত করা, রণিত হওয়া v. to sound; to resound; to twang; to tingle. রণে ভঙ্গ দেওয়া v. to retreat or flee from the battlefield; to cease fighting; to ac knowledge defeat and retreat. রণোন্মাদনা n. extreme love of war, warmonger ing; a passion for war.

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