English Meaning of maẏa

Meaning of 'maẏa' (মায়া)

n (theol.) illusion, the material world, physical or phenomenal nature, maya; delusion; infatuation, fascina tion; affection, attachment; tenderness; compassion; magic, jugglery; black magic, sorcery; deceit, a beguiling trick, chicanery; disguise. মায়া করা v. to think or treat with affection, to be at tached to; to be reluctant to lose (টাকার বা চাকরির মায়া করা). মায়ায় ভোলা v. to be duped by attachment or sorcery or illu sion or by a beguiling trick. ̃কানন n. a garden or grove created by sorcery, an enchanted garden. ̃কান্না n. insincere sorrow, crocodile tears. ̃ঘোর n. influ ence or spell of illusion or delusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃জাল n. a cobweb or network or spell of illusion or delusion or attachment or infatua tion or enchantment. ̃জীবী n. a magi cian, a juggler; a conjurer. ̃ডোর n. a string or bond of attachment or infatu ation. মায়াত্মক a. illusory; delusive; en chanted; hypocritical; disguised. ̃দণ্ড n. a magician's or conjurer's wand. ̃দপর্ণ same as ̃মুকুর । ̃ধারী a. con cealing one's identity by casting a spell of illusion; hypocritical; disguised. ̃পাশ same as ̃জাল । ̃বদ্ধ a. strongly held under illusion; greatly attached or infatuated or enchanted. ̃বন্ধন n. the bond or tie of illusion or attachment or infatuation or enchantment. ̃বলে adv. magically; by trickery or beguiling trick; by a spell of delusion or beguil ing trick. ̃বশ a. subject to attachment or affection or infatuation, fondly at tached. ̃বাদ n. (phil. & theol.) illu sionism. ˜বাদী a. (phil. & theol.) illu sionistic. □ n. an illusionist. ̃বিদ্যা n. jugglery, magic; conjury; sorcery, black magic. ̃বী a. practising deceit, deceitful; practising sorcery; warrant ing affection, infatuating, enchanting (মায়াবী সৌন্দর্য). ☐ n. an enchanter (fem. an enchantress), a sorcerer (fem. a sor ceress); a wizard (fem. a witch); a con jurer. fem. ̃বিনী । ̃মমতা n. pl. affec tion and compassion; love and attach ment; (cp.) a soft spot (for). ̃ময় a. il lusive; delusive; infatuating; bewitch ing, enchanting; deceptive. fem. ̃ময়ী । ̃মুকুর n. a magic mirror. ̃মুক্ত a. freed from attachment or affection; disillu sioned; disenchanted. ̃মৃগ n. (Ramayana) a stag appearing to be made of gold, which tempted Sita and led her to be kidnapped by Ravana; (fig.) a perilous illusion or temptation. ̃মোহ same as ̃ঘোর । ̃রজ্জু same as ̃ডোর । ̃রাজ্য n. a land created by sor cery; a realm of infatuation or enchant ment. ̃হীন a. devoid of tenderness or compassion.

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