English Meaning of manusa

Meaning of 'manusa' (মানুষ)

n the human race, man; a man; a human being (male or female), a per son; a grown-up person, an adult; proper human being (তোরা মানুষ হ). মানুষ করা v. to rear, to bring up (ছেলে মানুষ করা); to train one to be a proper man. মানুষ হওয়া v. to be brought up; to grow up, to become an adult; to grow up into a proper man. ̃খেকো a. maneating. ☐ n. a maneater. ̃জন n. men, people (মানুষজন দেখছি না). মানুষের মতো মানুষ a proper man; a great or emi nent person; a man of worth; an ideal man. মানুষিক a. human. মানুষী a. human. ☐ n. a woman; womankind.

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