English Meaning of majha

Meaning of 'majha' (মাঝ)

n the middle, the centre; the inside or interior; the midst or company (পুরুষের মাঝে); the bottom of one's heart (আমার মাঝে) ☐ a. middle, half (মাঝপথ). মাঝ থেকে from the middle or centre or inside or interior or midst; from the bottom of one's heart; being innocently or unnecessarily involved (তোমরা করলে চুরি আর মাঝ থেকে সে খেল মার). ̃খান same as মাঝ (n.) ̃খানে same as মাঝে । ̃দরিয়া n. mid-stream; mid-ocean, mid-sea. ̃নদী n. mid-river, mid-stream. ̃নদীতে adv. half way into the river. মাঝে adv. meanwhile, in the meantime. মাঝেমধ্যে, মাঝেমাঝে adv. off and on, from time to time, at times.

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