English Meaning of maja2

Meaning of 'maja2' (মাজা2)

v to scour or scrub; to cleanse (as teeth) by rubbing, brushing etc.; to pol ish (as gold ornaments). ☐ a. scoured or scurbbed; cleansed by rubbing, brushing etc.; polished; employed or used in scouring or scrubbing. ☐ n. same as মাজন । বাসন-মাজা চাকর a scul lion. বাসন-মাজা ঝি a scullerymaid. ̃ঘষা n. meticulous scouring scrubbing or polishing; meticulous cleansing and dressing (রূপের মাজাঘষা); meticulous training and practice (গায়কদের মাজাঘষা); meticulous correction and modification, careful chiselling (লেখার বা ছবির মাজাঘষা). মাজানো v. to cause to scour or scrub or cleanse or polish.

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