English Meaning of maẏala

Meaning of 'maẏala' (ময়লা)

n excrement, faeces, stool, dung; refuse; filth, soil, dirt; gloom, melan choly; angularity, crookedness (মনের ময়লা). ☐ a. filthy; dirty, soiled; (of complexion) dark; not bright or clear, clouded, overcast (ময়লা আকাশ); glum, melancholy (ময়লা মুখ); crooked (ময়লা মন). ময়লা করা v. to soil. ময়লার গাড়ি a scavenger's cart or van or train, a night-soil cart. ̃টে a. slightly soiled; appearing to be soiled; (of complex ion) darkish; slightly clouded or over cast; slightly glum.

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