English Meaning of maja2

Meaning of 'maja2' (মজা2)

n pleasure; enjoyment; comfort and luxury (মজায় থাকা); sport, frolic; fun; banter, joke; a funny or pleasant affair or object. মজা করা v. to make fun (of); to make a song of; to pull one's leg; to indulge in pleasures and frolics. মজা টের পাওয়া v. to feel the weight or brunt of adventure or danger or diffi culty; to feel the pinch of; to feel the evil consequences; to be punished, to have to kiss the rod. মজা টের পাওয়ানো, মজা দেখানো v. to drag one into a danger or trouble as a punishment; to punish; to teach one a lesson; to make one feel the evil consequences of. মজা দেখা v. to take delight in other's trouble; to view other's trouble with secret joy. মজা মারা, মজা লোটা v. to enjoy; to indulge in pleasures and frolics; to enjoy undue benefit from something; to live amidst pleasure and luxury. মজার গল্প a funny or amusing story.

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