English Meaning of maja1

Meaning of 'maja1' (মজা1)

v to be drowned; to lose oneself (in) (প্রেমে মজা, নেশায় মজা); to be charmed (with) or won over (by) (কথায় মজা); to silt up (পুকুর মজা); to be pickled thoroughly or overmuch (আচার মজা); to mature or ripen thoroughly (কাঁঠাল মজেনি); to be greatly endan gered or utterly ruined (ব্যাঙ্ক ফেল পড়ায় সে মজল). ☐ a. silted up or dried up thoroughly or overmuch, matured or ripened. ☐ n. the delicious leavings of certain fruits from which juice has been extracted (তালের মজা).

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