English Meaning of byasta

Meaning of 'byasta' (ব্যস্ত)

a eager; excited; impatient; anx ious; worried; hurrying or hurried, bus tling; engaged, employed; busy; dis tracted or perplexed; scattered; dif fused; inverse. ব্যস্ত করা v. to make one hurry (esp. unduly); to make one bustle; to make one eager or impatient or anxious; to excite. ব্যস্ত থাকা v. to be engaged (in); to be busy (with). ব্যস্ত রাখা v. to keep one engaged (in) or busy (with). ̃-অনুপাত n. (arith.) an in verse ratio. ̃অনুরূপ a. (geom.) in versely similar. ̃তা n. eagerness; ex citement; impatience; anxiety; worry; hurry, bustle; busyness, business; dis traction, perplexity; scattered state; dif fusion; inversion. ̃বাগীশ a. fussy. ̃সমস্ত a. flurried, bustling. ̃সমস্ত হয়ে helter-skelter. ব্যস্তালোক n. (phys.) dif fused light.

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