English Meaning of bam̐sa

Meaning of 'bam̐sa' (বাঁশ)

n the bamboo. বাঁশ দেওয়া (sl.) to take the wind out of one's sails; to ruin. বুকে বাঁশ দেওয়া to make a person lie at full length in between two bamboo-poles and then roll the poles oppressively as a punishment; (fig.) to torment se verely. বাঁশের চেয়ে কঞ্চি দড় (fig.) the chip is harder than the old block, the greenhorn is tougher than the veteran. বাঁশ বনে ডোম কানা (fig.) one cannot see the wood for the trees. ̃গাড়ি n. (law) planting a bamboo-pole in the ground of an estate as a sign of taking posses sion of it. ̃ঝাড় n. a bamboo-clump.

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