English Meaning of ban̐dha2

Meaning of 'ban̐dha2' (বাঁধা2)

v to bind, to tie, to fasten; to ob struct (স্রোত বাঁধা); to dam (খাল বাঁধা); to stop or park (গা়ড়ি বাঁধা); to restrain or appease (মন বাঁধা); to compose (গান বাঁধা); to form, to do (খোঁপা বাঁধা); to build or set up (ঘর বাঁধা); to attune (বীণা বাঁধা); to unite (প্রাণে প্রাণে বাঁধা); to be reduced to or rendered into, to turn into (জমাট বাঁধা, দান বাঁধা). ☐ a. bound; tied, fastened, obstructed; dammed; composed; formed, done; built, set up; attuned; routine (বাঁধা কাজ); regular (বাঁধা খদ্দের); stock (বাঁধা গত্); rigid (বাঁধা নিয়ম); fixed (বাঁধা মাইনে); brick-built or stone-built, pucka (বাঁধা ঘাট). বাঁধাই n. binding or cost of binding esp. a book; enframing or cost of enframing (as a picture). ̃কপি n. cabbage. বাঁধা গত্ a stock phrase; a rigid rule or system. ̃ছাদা n. rolling up and tying as a baggage. বাঁধাছাদা করা v. to pack. ̃ধরা a. fixed; rigid; routine; stock; monotonous, trite. ̃ঝুলি n. a catchphrase, a catchword, a slogan. বাঁধানো v. to bind (as a book); to enframe (as a picture); to fix or manu facture artificial ones (দাঁত বাঁধানো); to inlay (হিরে দিয়ে বাঁধানো); to plate (সোনা দিয়ে বাঁধানো); to pave, to macadamize (রাস্তা বাঁধানো); to build with stone or brick (ঘাট বাঁধা); to dam (খাল বাঁধানো); to cause to compose (গান বাঁধানো); to cause to build or set up (ঘর বাঁধানো); to cause to attune (বীণা বাঁধা); to reduce to or render into (জমাট বাঁধানো). ☐ a. bound; enframed; artificial (বাঁধানো দাঁত = a set of artifi cial teeth, denture); inlaid; plated; paved, macadamized; brick-built or stone-built, pukka; dammed; built or set up. ̃বাঁধি a. fixed, hard and fast, unalterable. ☐ n. a rigid rule or system; strictness.

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