English Meaning of ban̐dhana

Meaning of 'ban̐dhana' (বাঁধন)

n binding or fastening; a tie, a knot (বাঁধন খুলে দাও); damming; obstruc tion; stopping or parking (as of a ve hicle); restraining or appeasement (as of one's mind); composition; forma tion; construction, building, setting up; turning, attunement; unification; re duction or rendering; compactness (কথার বাঁধন). ̃হারা a. free, unbridled, unrestrained. বাঁধনি n. binding or fas tening; a tie, a knot; due arrangement, methodicalness, order (কাজের বাঁধনি); compactness.

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