English Meaning of ban̐ka

Meaning of 'ban̐ka' (বাঁকা)

v to bend, to curve (রেখাটি বেঁকেছে); to turn (পথটি এখানে বেঁকেছে); to be come reluctant or unfavourable or un gracious or antipathetic (কর্তা বেঁকেছেন). ☐ a. bent, curved (বাঁকা বাঁশ); stopping, hunched (বাঁকা পিঠ); slanting, aslant (খুটিখানা বাঁকা); winding, tortuous, sinu ous, spiral, roundabout (বাঁকা পথ); fur tive, squint, oblique (বাঁকা চাহনি); cyni cal or unfriendly (বাঁকা দৃষ্টিভঙ্গি); crooked (বাঁকা মন); rude, harsh (বাঁকা কথা); insinuating; sly (বাঁকা উক্তি); re luctant, unfavourable, antipathetic. ̃চোরা a. having many curves and twists; not straightforward, crooked (বাঁকাচোরা কথা). বাঁকানো. v. to bend; to make reluctant or unfavourable or anti pathetic. বেঁকে বসা v. to be placed or fixed slantingly; to become reluctant or unfavourable or antipathetic; to revise or retract one's previous opinion, de sire, resolve etc., to refuse to fall in with or accede to.

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