English Meaning of bandhana

Meaning of 'bandhana' (বন্ধন)

n binding, fastening, tying; tether ing; a tie, a bondage (বন্ধনমোচন); clasping or embracing, a clasp or em brace (ভুজবন্ধন); obstruction, an ob stacle (স্রোতোবন্ধন); restraint, stoppage; confinement (কারাবন্ধন); composition (করবীবন্ধন); construction (সেতুবন্ধন); unification (হৃদয়ে হৃদয়ে বন্ধন). বন্ধন করা v. to bind, to tie, to fasten; to tether; to clasp, to embrace; to obstruct, to re strain, to stop; to confine, to shut in; to unite. ̃গ্রন্হি n. a knot. ̃দশা n. captiv ity; imprisonment, incarceration. ̃ফলক n. a splint. ̃মুক্তি n. freedom from bondage or captivity. ̃রজ্জু n. a rope for tying or fastening, a tether. ̃স্তম্ভ n. a tying post. ̃হীন a. without ties or fetters; united; unfettered; un controlled; unrestrained. বন্ধনী n. any device to bind or fasten, a tic, a band, a ligament; (print. & math.) a bracket. বন্ধনীভুক্ত a. bracketed.

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