English Meaning of abajna

Meaning of 'abajna' (অবজ্ঞা)

n slight; contempt; scorn; disre spect; disregard; neglect. অবজ্ঞা করা v. to neglect, to disregard, to slight; to ig nore, to pay no regard to. অবজ্ঞাত a. slighted; scorned; disrespected; disre garded; neglected; obscure. ̃জনিত, ̃প্রসূত a. arising out of contempt or ne glect; caused by disregard or contempt; contemptuous. ̃ভরে adv. contemptu ously, disrespectfully. অবজ্ঞেয় a. con temptible; dispicable; neglible; tri fling.

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