English Meaning of patana

Meaning of 'patana' (পতন)

n act of falling or dropping, a fall; act or state of being shed or showered; a shower; decline, downfall (সাম্রাজ্যের পতন); overthrow, defeat (শত্রুর পতন); slaughter, death (যুদ্ধে পতন); destruc tion (দেহের পতন); capture (দুর্গের পতন); depravation, corruption (সাধুর পতন); a defect (ছন্দপতন); failing, omission ('স্খলন-পতন-ত্রুটি'). পতন ঘটা v. to have a fall; to fall, to drop; to be shed or showered; to decline, to have a downfall, to be overthrown or defeated or killed or destroyed or captured or depraved or corrupted; to be omitted. পতন ঘটানো v. to cause a fall; to fell; to drop; to shed or shower; to cause de cline or downfall; to overthrow or de feat; to kill; to destroy; to capture; to deprave or corrupt; to cause an omis sion. ̃শীল a. falling, dropping; being shed or showered; declining; on the wane; perishable. পতনোন্মুখ a. about to fall or drop or decline; tottering.

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