English Meaning of nasa

Meaning of 'nasa' (নাশ)

n destruction, annihilation; extinc tion; spoiling (কর্মনাশ); loss or waste (অর্থনাশ); ruin (স্বাস্হ্যনাশ); removal (দুঃখনাশ); act of killing, extermination (কীটনাশ); death. নাশ করা v. to destory, to annihilate; to spoil; to waste; to ruin; to remove; to kill, to exterminate. নাশ পাওয়া, নাশ হওয়া v. to be destroyed, to perish; to become extinct; to be spoiled or lost or wasted or ruined or removed or killed or exterminated; to die.

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