English Meaning of nari

Meaning of 'nari' (নারী)

n a woman; womankind (নরনারী); a wife (পরনারী). ̃চরিত্র n. the character or nature of a woman; the female charac ter or characters of a literary work or play etc. ̃জাতি n. womankind. ̃ত্ব n. womanhood, femininity. ̃ধর্ম n. func tions or characteristic qualities of a woman; womanliness. ধর্ষণ n. ravish ment of a woman; rape. ̃নিগ্রহ, ̃নির্যাতন n. persecution of a woman; molestation; rape. ̃রত্ন n. a jewel of a woman. ̃সমাজ n. womenfolk; the community of women. ̃স্বভাব n. wom anly nature, womanliness, femininity. ☐ a. (of a man) effeminate. ̃স্বভাবসুলভ a. womanly, having qualities befitting a woman; womanish; (of a man) ef feminate. ̃হরণ n. abduction of a woman.

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