English Meaning of namano

Meaning of 'namano' (নামানো)

v to cause to get down, to bring down; to cause to set in (বৃষ্টি নামানো); to bring or lay down upon the ground (মাথার বস্তা নামানো); to unload (গাড়ি থেকে মাল নামানো); to cause to appear in (আসরে নামানো); to cause to come out in (পথে নামানো); to cause to flow out or stream or ooze (চোখের জল নামানো); to degrade or demote; to de prave; to cause to go down or fall, to decrease, to abate; to cause to quote a lower price or easier terms; to cause to have loose motions or diarrhoea; to purge or evacuate strongly (এ ওষুধে পেট নামাবে); to have loose motions or diarrhoea (রোগীর পেট নামাচ্ছে).

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