English Meaning of namra

Meaning of 'namra' (নম্র)

a gentle, polite; meek; humble; modest; bland; suave; flexible, pliable; soft, tender (নম্রকন্ঠে); bent down, turned or cast downwards (নম্রমুখ, নম্রনয়ন). ̃কন্ঠ a. soft-voiced; speaking blandly or meekly or humbly. ̃তা n. gentleness, politeness; meekness; humbleness; humility; modesty; blandness, suavity; flexibility, pliability; softness, tenderness. ̃নয়ন, ̃নেত্র, a. having looks cast downwards. ̃প্রকৃতি a. same as নম্রস্বভাব । ̃ভাবে a. gently, politely; meekly; humbly; modestly; blandly, suavely; softly, tenderly. ̃মুখ a. having face turned downwards. ̃স্বভাব a. gentle-natured.

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