English Meaning of dhruba

Meaning of 'dhruba' (ধ্রুব)

n (myth.) a prince famous for his in comparable devotion to God Hari (হরি); the Pole Star, the Polaris, the North Star, the cynosure, ☐ a. sure, cer tain; fixed; firm, deep-seated (ধ্রুববিশ্বাস); constant; actual, real (ধ্রুব সত্য). ☐ adv. surely, certainly (সে ধ্রুব আসবে); for sure, for certain (ধ্রুব জোনো). ̃তা n. sure ness, surety, certainty; fixity; firmness; constancy; actuality, reality. ̃তারা, ̃নক্ষত্র n. the Pole Star, the North Star, the Polaris, the cynosure; the constant or firm goal or guide (জীবনের ধ্রুবতারা). ̃পদ n. a style of Indian classical song, dhrupad (ধ্রুপদ); a constant note ('যে ধ্রুবপদ দিয়েছ বাঁধি বিশ্বতানে'). ̃বিশ্বাস firm faith or belief or conviction. ̃রেখা n. (geog.) the equator, the equinoctial line. ̃লোক n. (myth.) a separate heaven cre ated for Dhruba (ধ্রুব) to live in after his ascension to heaven; Paradise. ̃সত্য n. an absolute truth, a confirmed truth. ☐ a. absolutely true.

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